Now to understand this we need to go back to in late 1940s , Australia XI vs India 1947-48 tour

Mankad warned Brown, next over Brown was dropped a catch at slip by Irani off Amarnath Mankad came to bowl and Brown was almost two feet out of his crease; no mercy this time.

Mankad on this mode of dismissal “My reflective vision becomes affected and my bowling concentration suffers. I warned Brown in Sydney not to leave the non-striker’s popping crease until the ball had left my hand, but Brown ignored the warning”

After this tour match; in the second test at SCG The first instance of dismissal in test cricket again the same batter, Bill Brown. Against popular belief 20,000 around Crowd applauded this effort as Mankad’s skill of acuity.

MCC: Law 41.16 – running out the non-striker – has been moved from Law 41 (Unfair play) to Law 38 (Run out). The wording of the Law remains the same.

MCC announced changes in some Laws of Cricket

England pace bowler Stuart Broad still unhappy with this mode of dismissal

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