The Decision Review System, initially called as Player Referral System, was meant to rectify the howlers that at times could change the whole complexion of the game. It was first tested in India v. Sri Lanka match in 2008 and was officially kickstarted on 24 November 2009, during the first Test between New Zealand and Pakistan at Dunedin.

DRS or UDRS(Umpire Decision Review System) initially had two features Umpire review and player review and later on, in 2016 Umpire’s Call was inducted into the system

Umpire Review: Catch taken cleanly, run-out or boundary check 

Player Review: Batter/Non-Striker can challenge an out decision by making a T symbol with his hand, similarly the fielding team can challenge not out decision. 

Umpires Call: In short on-field umpire decision stands

Gone in 15 seconds! DRS 'time rule' sparks controversy as Sri Lanka denied  review over Hashim Amla decision

The limit of the player’s review is two unsuccessful per innings, increased to three since July 2020. There was a four-year sprint from 2013 till September 2017 when the number of reviews was set to two after 80 overs. In the case of umpires-call review is not lost. 


DRS in numbers and statistics

Data set consists of matches from 24th Nov 2009 when DRS was officially launched that is Pakistan New Zealand first test Dunedin. The last match is recently concluded Gros Islet South Africa Windies, 18th Jun 2021.

No ball6
Struck Down2568
Umpire’s call301

How have umpired fared with this adaptation of technology

Review: Is the number of on-field decisions per match sent for DRS

Reversed %: Percentage of decision reversed for example Gough 15.63 means out of his 100 challenged decision 15.63 were changed by the third umpire.

Who is the best batsman when taking the calls?

Blackcaps BJ Watling with a success rate of 37.50 is the top-performing all batsman with a min 20 DRS call. Virat Kohli is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a success rate of 11.11.

Success Rate: Number of successful DRS/Total number of DRS taken by a batsman multiplied by hundred.

Team-wise statistics of successful DRS

DRS: number of decisions sent for review

Perc: Success Rate of team

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