England leading wicket-taker  James Anderson bagged his 29th fifer, equaling McGrath’s record. Amongst pacers, Richard Hadlee tops the list with 36 five wkt hauls. Australia legend had some other opinion, how to prolong Jimmy career.

Excerpt from Sky Sports

“Watching Jimmy, he’s a class act. I’m interested to see how things pan out now he’s 38,” said Warne.

“If you’re picking your side here [in England], Anderson is your first pencilled in. Is he your first pencilled in overseas? I’m not sure.

“When anyone has come up to me and said, ‘when did you know it was time to retire? – I’m not saying Jimmy should retire, he shouldn’t, he’s bowling unbelievably – but, if you’re thinking about it, the best advice you can give anyone is, it’s better people say why are you [retiring], than why don’t you?

“That’s the best thing – to go out on top, when people think you can still play for longer. Because then they miss what you brought to the table, miss watching you play.

“If you play too long, people start saying, ‘he should retire, he’s not at his best’.

United Arab Emirates22020.5558.91
England and Wales3822223.8550.19
West Indies36224.8157.75
New Zealand26132.8158.85
South Africa34234.6267.97
Sri Lanka12146.0888.33

“You want Jimmy to play as long as he possibly can, so is there a way he could be bowling coach away from home, so you can keep him around the group, keep him fit and ready to go? And then, in England, you say ‘we want you to play for another three or four years’. He’s unplayable here, so three, four, five years!

“How do you prolong his career? Is it to not play away and only in England? Or is it he’s so good, you want him for every Test you play anywhere.

“I’m not sure what the right thing is to do. Jimmy is probably the only one that can answer that.

“But it will be an interesting one to see how the Jimmy situation goes, but he’s bowling unbelievably well, why wouldn’t you want him to play every Test?”

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