The death of most prolific wicket taker who never represent India. “He is the one bowler whom I have really dreaded facing in my life,” as quoted by Sunil Gavaskar. He continues ,”I have never been able to feel comfortable against his left hand spinners and Goel has been one who, because of his flatter trajectory, has not given me the opportunity to step down the track and drive.”

He was the Indian Cricketer of the year in 1979.

The most wickets in Ranji Trophy

Player Wickets
R Goel637
S Venkataraghavan530
SB Joshi479
R Vinay Kumar442
ND Hirwani441

He was 12th man in 1974-75 Bangalore test against the West Indies, but with the return of Bedi, he never got chance.

The tributes pour across the cricket fraternity.

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