Big Bash League is coming soon but this year there will be lots of twist and turns . The organizer of the BBL 2020 introduces some innovation to make the league exiting.

Australia’s 10th edition of BBL 2020 – 21 is all set to kick start from December 10 with “Power Surge” , “ X – Factor” and
“ Bash Boost” rules.


  1. Power Surge – The Powerplay will be reduced to four overs at the ztart of the innings. An additional two – overs ‘ Power Surge’ can be taken by the batting team any time from the 11th over onwards.
  2. X – Factor Player – Team can substitute in an X Factor player at the 10th over mark of the first innings. This player , named 12th or 13th on the team sheet can replace any player who is yet to bat or has bowled no more than one over.
  3. Bash Boost – There will be four points available in each match – three for the overall win, plus The Bash Boost point, awarded halfway through the chase. The team chasing will receive the point if they’re above the equivalent score of their opposition. If they are behind , the fielding side will receive the point .

“The …changes prioritize scoring, exciting cricket, introduce new strategic angles and ensure there’s always something to play for throughout the entire match,” said Cricket Australia’s head of Big Bash Leagues Alistair Dobson 

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