Sri Lanka in India ODI Series 1982/83
Pakistan in India ODI Series 1983/84
Rothmans Asia Cup (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka in United Arab Emirates) 1983/84
Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket (in Australia) 1984/85
Rothmans Four-Nations Cup (Australia, England,India,Pakistan in United Arab Emirates) 1984/85
Sharjah Cup (India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka in United Arab Emirates) 1987/88
New Zealand in India ODI Series 1988/89
Texaco Trophy (India in England)1990
India in Zimbabwe ODI Match 1992/93
Zimbabwe in India ODI Series 1992/93
Mohinder Amarnath Benefit Match (South Africa in India) 1996/97
ICC Champions Trophy (in Sri Lanka) 2002/03
India in Sri Lanka ODI Series2006
India in Bangladesh ODI Series2007
India in Ireland ODI Match2007
India in Scotland ODI Match2007
England in India ODI Series 2008/09
Australia in India ODI Series 2010/11
New Zealand in India ODI Series 2010/11
England in India ODI Series 2011/12
ICC Champions Trophy (in England)2013
India in Zimbabwe ODI Series2013
India in Bangladesh ODI Series2014
Sri Lanka in India ODI Series 2014/15
India in Zimbabwe ODI Series2015
India in Zimbabwe ODI Series2016
India in Sri Lanka ODI Series2017
Asia Cup  2018
India in West Indies ODI Series2019

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