The first time in first-class history a domestic tournament is tied. The first-class Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2020-21 final enthralling finish ended with both Central Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a tie. The skipper Hasan Ali almost took Central Punjab to the championship with a belligerent. CP was struggling at 249/8 in quest for 356. Ali put on 70 runs stand with Ahmed Safi Abdullah for the ninth wicket and 36 runs with Waqas Maqsood for the last wicket.

Brief Score Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 300 & 312Central Punjab 257/9d & 355

Overall 67 FC matches ended in a tie if we include those before 1948 also, 1948 is a significant year as rules for tie changed in this year. Prior to 1948 if the team’s score were equal even with wickets in hand it was deemed as a draw. Post-1948 rules change and such matches were declared as a draw.

The first-class match between DG Bradman’s XI (434 & 402-9) and AL Hassett’s XI (406 & 430) will be tie as per pre-1948 laws. There are only two instances when a test was drawn with the scores level, the first one was the 1996/97 Bulawayo test were England needed 3 runs were needed off the final ball, but they managed only two. There was a mixup and after the match scorers reversed the run out on the final ball for NV Knight to be dismissed, rather than D Gough, since the batsmen had not get crossed. The last and most recent such instance was between India and West Indies Wankhede test,2011. One run needed off the last ball, but Ashwin fell short of his ground and was run out by substitute fielder Ramdin, as India innings ended at 242/9.

The first-ever recorded tie match in FC cricket was between 1783 two day match between Hampshire (140 & 61) and Kent (111 & 90). Hambledon Cricket Chronicle notes that ‘Lumpy [Stevens] went in last with three needed’. A quote report that ‘the game was saved by Clifford’s attention’, presumably by bowling Francis and catching Purchase near the death. The many other sources have the teams reversed but the quotes above about Stevens and Clifford make sense only if Hampshire batted last. There is also quotes a report that Kent actually won, a run having been missed through a scoring error; but this account is suspect because it is supported by details about tally-sticks, which had long since fallen out of use by this time. The next tie was after fifty-six years at Home of Cricket between Marylebone Cricket Club (69 & 107) v Oxford and Cambridge Universities (115 & 61) three-day match.

The tie match is quite a rare occurrence in first class cricket , neverthless recently in 2017/18 season there four such matches.

  • Highest aggregate match total in a tie match
  • Lowest aggregate match total in a tie match
  • Highest team score in an inns in a tie match
  • Lowest team score in an inns in a tie match

Warwickshire forfeited the inns at Edgbaston ,2003

Kent have featured in seven tie matches followed by Surrey six and Sussex , Middlesex five each.

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