Mushfiqur Rahim first player from the Bangladesh team to complete 5000 test runs. He took the same number of inns as Ian Botham (149)
Gavaskar, Sobers, Richards and Hayden completed a 5k runs tally in 95 inns each.
Bradman is fastest to 5k followed by Hobbs

Only five players have taken more inns than Mushfiqur to complete 5000 test runs for a team
183: MV Boucher
176: N Kapil Dev
157: CL Hooper
153: A Ranatunga
150: N Hussain

Only three players have taken more days to complete 5000 test runs for a team
7737 : JB Hobbs
6738 : A Ranatunga
6522 : DCS Compton

Hobbs and Compton lost some of the years due to first and second world war respectively
Only like to like comparison is Ranatunga

Since Rahim’s debut, England has played 216 tests while Bangladesh only 95
That is on an avg Bangladesh played 5.6 tests per year as compared to England’s 12.7

Alastair Cook who retired in 2018 played 161 tests in that era i.e; only England, Australia and India played more tests than Cook.
Rahim till now has played half the number of tests as that Cook

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